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7Travel Tips– The Mexican Riviera

Save some dough, take the ADO! The ADO is a public bus that runs up and down the peninsula. Grab your tickets at the ADO counter in the Cancun Airport. You can take this charter style bus to Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or Tulum. Both the most  affordable mode of transportation ($10-$12/person to PDC) and most comfortable (seats/ac/televisions/charge outlets). 

Avoid using USD and expect a conversion fee for most credit card and debit card transactions. Do not use ATMs on the street. I would suggest exchanging $50-100 at the Cancun airport to cover any immediate expenses. You can shop for the best exchange rate when you arrive at your final destination. 

El Fogón has hands down the best tacos in Playa Del Carmen. They have two locations, one on 5th Ave and one on 30th street. The 30th street location is for sure worth the walk as it tends to be a little tastier 😊

Rent a bike and cycle through the ancient Mayan city of Cobá 

Gulp down a liter of charcoal activated lemonade or fresh coconut water at Viva Palapa in Playacar. Right on the Hard Rock Golf Course, enjoy comfortable outdoor seating and amazing artisanal sandwiches.

Considering an All-inclusive?
The Reef Playacar is a great low/mid budget option 
• On the smaller size and tends to be a less crowed
• A beautiful beach (picture above)
• Close proximity to downtown Playa Del carmen 
• In the private neighborhood of Playacar - great for a morning run/walk

Considering an Airbnb? I’ve stayed in Playa Del Carmen Airbnb’s ranging in price from $50-$500/night. They've all been fantastic. I'd highly recommend the Playacar neighborhood. Bonus points for starting at an Airbnb and moving into an all-inclusive.

Enviado (4/20/22)

Technology has rewired the way in which we communicate. Work messages blend with personal messages blend with thoughtful messages blend with spam blend with texts blend with emails blend with comments from Karen in Seattle. All of which seem to carry the same weight, expectations and obligation to respond….. now!

As communication has evolved, I have come to respect many things about sending and receiving tangible messages.

Here are my 3 most favorite things:  

As a sender, I have no expectation that the receiver will respond.

As the receiver, in no way do I feel obligated to write back.

Everyone's day is now a little better.

Sent (1/28/22)

We're a couple of creative people that love movies! So when presented with the opportunity to tag along to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT - we jumped. But due to the recent surge in covid cases, Sundance cancelled in-person screenings and made everything available online. We attended (virtually) the following four premiers and here's my...


The Princess: a documentary on Princes Di created entirely from historical footage. The narrative is at first glance, a simple chronological account of the Prince and Princess. But about an hour into it… you’ll fall asleep with a much better understanding of just how awkward and uncomfortable Princess Diana was on camera. 

After Yang: The best intro I’ve seen. Beautifully shot, yet, Yang fails to actually stimulate any intellectual dilemma encountered by Colin Farrell and his futuristic family. Some will say it went over my head -to which I say- it felt like I was stuck in the first 20 minutes of a story for the entire movie. The first 5 minutes, 5 stars. 

When You Finish Saving the World: A round of applause to Jesse Eisenberg. A masterful story - while not everyone cares about the same things, everyone cares about the things they care about. The common denominator, narcissism. Julienne Moore is cringeworthy; Finn Wolfhard is stunningly accurate. LIFTED! 

Jeen-Yuhs: Floor seats to the Kanye Show. Regardless of your stance on his being, this guy’s journey is inspirational. A real life documentation of rejection and perseverance. In no way was Kanye “faking it till he made it.” Since the get-go he personified his current level of stardom. 

Sent (1/23/22)